Questions and Picture

I kind of got a little attached to my original character, Akira Sakamoto. (I hope I spelled his last name right too. -_- I made up his last name in the middle of the night...and I was a little tired.)
And now, from allenwalker, who got it from another username I have no idea who it is...
"Snagged from the lovely uzuhi (and allenwalker in my case XP)
1) Does my username suit me?
2) Is my journal's title cryptic or descriptive? What do you think it means?
3) Does my journal expand your knowledge of me?
4) Do you think my bio describes me well?
5) Which of my interests surprises you the least?
6) Which of my interests surprises you the most?
7) Which of my interests needs explaining?
8) Which of my userpics suits me best?
9) Which of my userpics suits me least?
10) Which of my userpics needs explaining?"
Answer if you want to.
And for the picture...I think I already posted it up. The gruesome one with the guy and the sword. Yeah. I think I did. I'm not going to post it up.
Goodbye. Oh yeah, and new userpic today. I uploaded one. :)


I'm new at livejournal, and I'd like to have some friends. If you happen to come by, please comment and be my friend. I also have yet to figure out how to make a guestbook.
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Senoritis and Other Random Things

I think I'm having senoritis right now. I had a whole week of intersession alrady, so I'm feeling a bit lazy. Plus I have a project to do in AP Lit, that needs work on, but oh well. I'll procrastinate. Procrastination is a popular friend. XP
A few days ago, I was bored as hell, so I wanted to see if I could find myself on the internet. I typed up my sparknotes username in google, and found that other people have the same username as I do. There's even one girl who had the same username in a journal blog. *shrugs
But on Friday, my intersession group went to a culinary academy and took a look around the whole school (tour guided) to see how a culinary academy works. Then we went down to the first floor and ate a "grand buffet". I took some pictures of the dessert table. Then, when my group was taking the subway, my friend told me that the teacher saw me at the dessert table about 5 or 6 times taking photos. Then she joked about how she thought I was trying to flirt with someone and actually taking photos of someone instead of food. O_o Hm...well, I was taking photos of food...and eating the food...and taking more pictures of other foods, like sushi. One guy (who was preparing a sushi dish in another room) actually posed for the picture, by just crossing his arms; one of his hands holding a big knife too!
So, here I am, after a whole week of intersession, filling out a form for a speech competition in March. It's the State Qualifying Tournament, and I have to do a citation as well. -_-
It's raining today, so I think, if it clears up tomorrow, I'll bike with my brother.
Oh yeah, and my brother got the final stage in melee. He defeated Level 51 (Super Smash Bros. Melee) in a few tries. :D I was reading Bleach while he did it all. :)
So, seeing as how this is the first time I'm doing journal entries, I have no idea how this site works, but I'll see in a few hours/days how everything works out. :)